Things to Know When Purchasing a Log Home

Log Homes

Things to Know When Purchasing a Log Home


Log homes are a popular option here in East Tennessee.  Many folks from around the country visualize themselves purchasing a log home or cabin in the mountains that may start out as their vacation home/second home but will ultimately be their retirement/forever home.  What makes purchasing a log home different from a “traditional” home?

Is the home constructed of true logs or artificial logs?  True log homes are very durable, require little maintenance and are often cheaper than artificial log homes.  True log homes typically feature thick, energy efficient walls and are more rustic looking.  Artificial log homes feature “siding” that is easy to identify; it features half or quarter log segments instead of completely round logs.

Make sure the space meets your needs.  Remodeling a log home can be expensive so it is imperative that you evaluate square footage and layout preferences. 

Find out if the current owners have performed routine maintenance on the house.  Is there evidence of termite, carpenter bee, or wood pecker damage?

Look at the overall property features and put the house through the same “checklist” you would any other.  How big is the lot?  Does it have any special amenities?  Do you foresee any home inspection issues?

Are there sufficient log home comparables in the area that you won’t have an appraisal issue? 

Most people love their log home and it is a labor of love for them.  You can tell the pride of ownership by the appearance and maintenance they have done.  Buying a log home can be a gratifying experience as long as you know what to look for and what to avoid!